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Write speech and let AI speak it with the voice you have selected. Really fun.

Un concurrent pour Magnet, Ă  vous de choisir votre solution gratuite de gestion des fenĂȘtres sur Mac OS !

Analyse your Spotify profile... with AI

Wow. I discover and learn new things every day.

What do you think about this idea ? I have to admit I kind of disagree with such a feature, but I never reached more than 3 replies on my tweets so I'm not the one to ask.

Yes. Creepy but interesting.

How Facebook fired a lead engineer because of his Youtube Channel. Not so fun, actually.

They're finally there. Not sure we'll have them here in France. I can't wait to test them.

150 Siri Shortcuts for iOS 13 - super useful.

Looks really cool to me ! These ugly three lenses may be useful in some way.

Little again about elements combinations, to be discovered. Super useful during boring meetings.

Usability is not a priority for all websites. You can check by yourself!

CAN I USE - but for emails. Super useful for email marketing.

Good productivity tips - a lot of sense in these words !